"We Dive at Five,"  depicts one of my favorite summertime scenes in Gloucester. We are at the footbridge of Good Harbor Beach...at a very specific time of day and nautical condition! 

It's that magical hour of 5 o'clock. It is a high tide and the lifeguards are done for the day. The bridge becomes a sub-gathering place for kids to play and meet and/or make new friends. They laugh, flirt and show off for each other under the hot summer sun. You can hear the sound of distant music and the slush guy is nearby. A "schools out for summer" kind of happiness abounds. Our beautiful marshland is the backdrop for such a lively scene and an American flag waves in the distance from a nearby bed and breakfast.

From Tall Tales  of Beach & Birdseye Exhibit, LoneGull Coffee House

               "We Dive at Five"

Size 18 x 18, Oil, Reproductions Available

In loving memory of Steve DeBoer.

Winslow Homer painted children by the shore also. His paintings show children engaged in group activities and Summer leisure. "Children Playing Under a Gloucester Wharf," 1880, hangs at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Here is a capture:

In the face of daily world terrorism, this is Gloucester!  Although they are breaking the rules a bit, I am reminded of the freedoms we cling to and the liberties in this country that have been slowly stolen away, or stand to be. The (light) swearing and splashing makes me happy.  This a counter cultural free-spirited event! Mom did not schedule it...and best of all...cell phones are nowhere to be seen. These young Americans are fully engaged with plain old fun and each other.